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Latest addiction - Real-life escape rooms

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My friends have heard enough of it by now. Once I get enthusiastic about something, I keep babbling about it until someone makes me shut my mouth. Real-life escape rooms are not an exception.
Want to know more about escape rooms and my own experience? Continue reading!

Real-life room escape games are getting more and more popular all over the world. Probably almost all countries in the world have escape rooms by now. They are fun, addicting, require some logic and teamwork, and that makes them perfect place to visit with your friends, family or colleagues.

Real-life escape rooms started appearing in 2006, but the hype started just about a year ago. The rooms are inspired by the escape room video games, which have the same way of playing, just digital: you get locked-up in a room and have (usually) an hour to escape. The room is full of puzzles, which you have to solve to get the code or the key to escape the room. All rooms are different and that's what makes this activity special - you never get bored of the rooms (you can get broke, though! :D).

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I discovered the rooms just a few months ago and have already tried two while on vacation. Both rooms are located at Wrong Room, Vilnius, Lithuania. The rooms are very well made, have great interior and some clever puzzles (especially the new, more difficult room - Crazy Kitchen). The staff were very friendly and helpful young people, it was a pleasure playing there.

Now that I'm back to the Netherlands, I can't wait to try the escape rooms here. I know there are several rooms here, one opening in the neighborhood in just a few days! Can't wait!

So if you haven't heard about the real-life escape rooms yet - now you do! So google it and find one close to your place and try it out! You'll get addicted instantly...
If you do know escape rooms and have tried escaping some already - share your experience in the comments!



  1. Wow, dit klinkt super gaaf zeg, leuk dat je dit met ons deelt!

    1. Hey, thanks voor je comment! Hopelijk heb je er wat aan gehad! xxx

  2. Ik had hier nog nooit van gehoord, maar het klinkt echt super gaaf! Ik ga zeker eens op zoeken waar er eentje zit!

    1. Hoi, ik ben blij dat je het interessant vond! Ga zeker een keer zo'n kamer in, het is echt zoooo leuk om te doen!
      En dankjewel voor je comment! xxx


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