Friday, 31 October 2014

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Last week me and my boyfriend went on vacation to Lithuania. It was a real autumn there - some rain and fog on the first day (the day I took the photo's) and temperature under 0 degrees Celsius in the daytime. A week before my vacation I went to Italy for a school trip. The weather there was completely different from the weather in Lithuania: it was very warm and I could walk around with shorts and T-shirts with short sleeves. Yes, the difference between the two countries was big - not only the weather, but the buildings and streets were completely different. That's why I want to share some pictures with you - to show you how big the difference is between two countries, even though they're both in Europe.


Italy is a country with rich history. You can still find so many old buildings and ruins from the time Gladiators were still around and the Roman Empire still existed. Italy was definitely fascinating and I'm so happy we had such a great weather - it was such a pleasure walking around and taking pictures of different old buildings and landscapes of Rome.

In the sky!

Arch of Constantine

Hello gull! :)

The breathtaking Colosseum

Ceiling painting @ Vatican Museums


If you ever decide to go to Lithuania (which you should really do one day), go there in summer. You can never know how the weather will be in autumn (or winter). Few years ago I went to Lithuania in autumn as well and the weather was great - sun was still shining and it was warm. This year I didn't have such luck. Even though it didn't rain that much, the weather was still very unpleasure and cold. I couldn't walk around and inhale the culture, because it was simply so cold outside, I wanted to get inside as soon as I could. So that's why I didn't take many pictures too. And the ones I made - I don't think they're spectacular.

Raindrops on the window

Me, sipping my hot cup of coffee and trying to stay warm, next to Gediminas Tower in Vilnius

Lithuanian flag and the gloomy, grey sky

A little piece of Vilnius from Gediminas Tower

@ Eindhoven Airport. Happy to be back to warm Holland!



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