Friday, 14 November 2014

News! Blog Society & The Shelf

Some of you may have already noticed this. From now on I'm a member of Blog Society and The Shelf, which means you can find this blog on their websites. This should make it easier for companies to find my blog and contact me if my blog appeals to them and if they want to collaborate (not that I think my blog is good enough for that now, but who knows what will happen in the future?).
So let me explain to you what these two platforms are.

Blog Society

Blog Society is the place where all best Dutch (it doesn't mean you have to write in Dutch) blogs are listed. They can be found by companies and also by other people who are interested in reading blogs. On their website you can see all the blogs that are member of it, so it's so easy to find something you like, because there are thousands of blogs there.
Blog Society also has different events and workshops for members only and I think that's awesome, because they help you to improve your blog and I think that's very important. 

The Shelf

The Shelf is the international home for fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers from all over the world (I believe you do have to write in English to become a member). It's focused on companies, so companies can find you through The Shelf using its highly advanced toolset.

I'm extremely excited about this. I'm so happy these both websites accepted me as a new member and I hope this will help me boost my career as a blogger.



  1. Super tof! Ik hoop dat het je zal helpen als blogger!

  2. Nice! ik hoop dat het je helpt als blogger :)

  3. Ik ben ook lid van Blog society, maar eerlijk gezegd helpt het mij niet.
    Maar dat ligt vast en zeker aan mij, ik ben er ook totaal niet actief op bezig! ♥

    1. Mij heeft het tot nu toe ook nog niet veel geholpen, hoewel ik wel af en toe bezoeken vanuit blog society krijg :)


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