Monday, 3 November 2014

OOTD - Boyfriend's Birthday

Last friday my boyfriend celebrated his birthday with his family and invited me as well. I'm the kind of person that sometimes gets overdressed (compared to Dutch people) for birthdays, because that's something Lithuanians do: the girls always take their best dresses out of the closet and guys spend a bit more time on their looks than they would normally do. And that's something Dutch people don't do - they put on their casual clothes and that's it.
So again, I felt a bit too overdressed at the birthday party, but I would like to share my outfit with you.

I didn't take my blazer to the party with me, because it was a bit too warm for that, but if I went to a party that was held outside, I would have taken my blazer with me.

Close-up of my hand jewelry and my nails. Nail tutorial is coming soon!

Better look of all the jewelry I wore: earrings and matching bracelet, and a ring.

Since I was standing in the grass, here's a better picture of (my now dirty) heels.

Dress & belt: from an outlet, no brand
Blazer: Brand: Nümph, bought at: De Garage
Shoes: I don't remember where I bought them
Earrings: gift
Bracelet: gift
Ring: H&M

And that's it, that was my look for my boyfriend's birthday party. What do you think of the outfit? What would you wear to a birthday party? Leave a comment and share your ideas with me!


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