Wednesday, 12 November 2014

✎Review✎ Miss Sporty Assorted Pack

Like I told in my previous post, I went to a local shop last week and bought some make-up. Here's part two of the review, so in you're interested in this one, click on "read more" and enjoy!

So at my local Action I bought two Assorted Twin Packs of Miss Sporty. I'm not a big fan of this brand, but because of the price (one pack was only €1,59) I couldn't leave them. Every pack has two different make-up items in it, and it can contain the following items:

My first pack

My first pack contains an eyeshadow and an eyeshadow pencil. I've never had an eyeshadow pencil before, so I was really interested in it. Also, I really liked the colour of the eyeshadow and it looked just TOO cute!

This is how the eyeshadow looks like. I love its pattern and I really love the colour! The whole package is really nice too. It's small, so it can easily fit inside your purse or your travel bag.

I was a bit surprised about the eyeshadow pencil's colour. I didn't expect it to be so purple, but I still like it. It is a bit creamy and that makes it easier to apply it on your eyelid.
I quite like the eyeshadow too, though I wanted it to be a bit more shimmery. But still, for this price I believe it's quite good.

My second pack

The second pack contains a lipgloss and a very glittery purple nail polish. I'm crazy about nail polishes, so I HAD to buy one! The lipgloss barely adds any colour to your lips, so it's perfect for people who like natural look. The lipgloss also smells amazing! I can't really describe the smell, but it's sweet and I really like it! Especially now that the weather is getting cold our lips can easily dry out. A lipgloss or a lip balm is essential to keep your lips hydrated and kissable!

This is how the nail polish looks like on the nail after applying one coat of it. It is a bit transparent, so I would recommend using two coats for a better effect.
I do like the colour and the glitter, but I as far as I know Miss Sporty isn't the best nail polish brand (the polish usually doesn't last long) and that's why I'm not sure if I'll wear this nail polish very often, because I like it when the nail polish stays on the nails for longer than two days.

And that's my review of Miss Sporty Assorted Packs. I know, maybe I'm posting too many reviews right now, but I promise my next post won't be a review! :)

For my dutch readers: have you seen the Miss Sporty Assorted Packs at the Action? Do you own any of the packs or would you like to own one?

Let me know in the comments what do you think about these items!



  1. Wat handig dat die producten zo samen verpakt zitten. Zelf heb ik ze nog niet gezien bij de Action, dus ik ga snel op zoek ;-) Erg leuk!

    1. Ze zijn wel leuk, ja! Alleen jammer dat je niet zelf twee producten mag kiezen. Er waren ook packs waar ik een van de twee producten echt leuk vond, maar de andere helemaal niet.

  2. Leuk! Deze heb ik nog niet zien liggen bij mijn Action!

    1. Het zou ook kunnen dat niet alle action winkels ze verkoopt..


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