Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Shoplog || Fashion items from Primark, Salsa & NEW

Today I want to share some items with you, which I bought recently. They're from three different shops: NEW and Salsa are in Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht, and Primark in Eindhoven.
I needed some new clothes for autumn and winter and I really like my new fashion items. So let's start!


NEW is a shop in Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht. It sells cheap, nice looking clothes. It's not the first time I bought clothes there - my dress from OOTD - Boyfriend's Birthday is also from this shop. 
I bought two items here - a long vest and treggings.

I really love long vests and since my old vest is falling apart, I really needed a new one. The vest costs €17,95.

Treggings are my favorite kind of trousers. They're stretchy and very comfortable. I love wearing them so much more than jeans. The treggings cost €14,95.


Salsa is my favorite shop at Hoog Catharijne. They sell fashionable clothes, I always love their summer collections. This time I decided to buy a warm sweater.

When I saw it I really laughed. I love clothes with quotes on it and I couldn't leave this one hanging. I'm not a big fan of Paris (I don't like French, Paris is so crowded and overrated), and I loved this sweater. It's loose and comfortable and very warm! It costs €15,- again - cheap!


I want to Primark because I really wanted something for Christmas. I never bought a christmas sweater before, so I decided I should do it this time. And of course it's impossible to leave Primark with just one item, so I bought a couple more.

Primark had many different Christmas sweaters. Some of them were with big reindeers, Santa, etc, but I wanted something a bit more subtle and wearable. I saw this sweater and loved it. I love this bordeaux red colour and the ornaments. The sweater costs €17,-.

I loved these necklaces. I love all necklaces, actually! I believe I'm addicted to them, especially to big ones. All these necklaces were on sale and costed €2,- a piece.

I saw this scarf and I had to buy it. I love infinity scarves and I love when they are soft like this one. I bought it for €6,-.

I wanted black shoes that were warm enough to wear in autumn and winter and when I saw these I decided I had to buy them. My friends, however, were surprised to see me wearing such low heels! I don't remember how much they cost, but I believe they were around €20.

That's it, that's what I bought lately. Which items are your favorite (if you liked any of them) ? Let me know in the comments!


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