Monday, 24 November 2014

The Hunt App

While watching youtube videos I came across probably the best app ever! Okay, maybe almost the best one. It's called The Hunt and it's really amazing!

Want to know why? Keep reading!

The Hunt is a free app, available for both Android and iPhone. On the app you can upload a picture of something you are looking for. For example you found a dress you'd love to have but you don't know where to buy it. You post the picture of it on the app and wait till other users find it for you and post a link of where you can buy it. Amazing, right???

Except from asking someone to find you the exact item you want, you can also ask people to find an item similar to the one you want, or an item that would go to the item you posted. Also you can ask people to style you. This way you can have people to style you for free. Also you can give your budget, which is really handy.

And here's how the app's home page looks like. Some people are looking for exactly the item they posted, others are looking for something similar to that item. It doesn't have to be a fashion item. I've seen people asking for snacks or diet foods, movies, phone cases, etc. So if you found something you'd love to buy, but you don't know where, this app is a life saver!

Did you know about this app? Is there anything you'd like to have but you don't know where to find it? Are you going to use this app? Let me know in the comments!



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