Monday, 8 December 2014

Addiction - Necklaces

First of all - I'm so so so sorry I haven't written any articles for a while now. The school has been a hell and it will probably stay like that till after the graduation. My free time I spend either at the gym or with my boyfriend when he's in town. I hope I'll have some more time for my blog in a few weeks once it's holiday time. I have many ideas for future posts and I can't wait to write some more articles!

Today I have an article for you with some shots of my current addiction - necklaces. So if you're interested - please click on "Read More"!

Actually this article was supposed to be an article in which I show you all of my necklaces in separate photo's, but the light on the day I took the pictures was pretty crappy and many pictures got messed up and I couldn't just put them in an article. 

So I chose to take a few pictures of the necklaces and share them with you. 

This is one of my favorite necklaces right now. I love black and gold and I think it looks amazing together. I'm also very into big statement necklaces, so that's another reason I have this necklace. I bought it at Primark, it was on sale and cost only €2,-.

This is (still pretty crappy) close up of my golden chain necklace. I used to hate golden jewelry but right now I just keep buying it because I think it looks amazing with black evening dresses. This one I bought at Zeeman, but I don't remember the price. I believe it was also under €2,-.

This is another one of my favorites. I saw it on and had to buy it! I love the spikes and I think it gives my outfit a bit of an edgy style. Just love it! It costs €2,40 and you can buy it here.

This necklace is a pretty old one and I bought it because I wanted a necklace that opens. I think I bought it at Claire's and it was €10,-. Not sure about that though!

This is another golden statement necklace I'm so in love with! It's big and it looks great! It costs €3,71 and is also for sale on

As you can guess I love big and cheap necklaces! I never buy expensive ones, because I always lose expensive jewelry, I really don't know how. And I believe cheap jewelry can be just as good (and even better) than expensive ones. So why waste money on jewelry? I'd rather waste it at the gym, haha!

So these are the only photo's that survived it! If you'd still like to see the other necklaces or any other jewelry or anything I own - let me know and maybe I'll write a post about that!

So that's it for now. Take care!


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