Monday, 22 December 2014

Escaping: Real life escape room in Utrecht + Giveaway: discount cards

Last Friday my boyfriend and I finally visited the escape room in Utrecht. We've been waiting for this quite long and we were happy to finally use our brains by solving puzzles. Wanna know how it went and what we think about the room? Don't hesitate and continue reading!

Secret agents, we need your help. Our country is in danger! Russian terrorists have entered a former war shelter and activated a time-bomb. When this bomb explodes in 60 minutes, many citizens will die. Are you able to disarm the bomb within the time? Don’t wait too long, because the bomb keeps ticking. The faith of our country is in your hands.

That's the description of the escape room Escaping in Utrecht. The room is called Russian Time-Bomb and as a description says: you need to disarm the bomb in an hour to win the game. For the people that don't know what's an escape room, please read this article I wrote.

Two to seven people are needed to play the game at Escaping, though it's recommended to play the game with five people in total. Me and my boyfriend like some challenge, so like always we only played it as a group of two people. When we entered the room we were confident we could do this. Too bad - we waited too long to use hints and because of that we didn't disarm the bomb on time. Again - we were extremely close from winning.

The room looked very basic, but the reason for that was the fact that the owners rented the place, but were not allowed to build something. The owners now found a new location for their rooms and will soon move there and make more advanced rooms. My boyfriend and I still very enjoyed the puzzles and we really recommend everyone to visit Escaping. The staff is very friendly and they explain very well what to do. We also received six discount cards (every card gives 10% discount) for their other rooms in the future. We decided we want to give four discount cards for other people that are interested in visiting Escaping in Utrecht.

So if you are interested in visiting the room and would like some discount you have to do the following:

  • Follow my blog on Bloglovin'.
  • Let me know in the comments that you would like to get the discount card.
  • Send me an e-mail to with your address.
  • Wait till I send you the card! 
Hurry up, because I only have four discount cards and I will be giving them to the first four people who ask for it!

Also, if you have already done this escape room - check Escapist Society. They have a list with many escape rooms in the Netherlands (and even an escape room in Gent, Belgium & London, UK).
If you're not from the Netherlands but you'd love to visit an escape room - just google your city + escape room. Escape rooms are all over the world and they're so much fun to do!



  1. Wow, how exciting and scary at the same time, haha ;) I've heard of it before but it sure sounds like fun :)


    1. It sure is a lot of fun! And very addicting!

  2. Dit lijkt me echt een super leuke en gave ervaring! Ook wel spannend trouwens.

  3. Wat een unieke en spannende ervaring zeg! :)

    1. Zeker! Ik raad echt iedereen uit om het uit te proberen!

  4. Wat een spannende, maar zo te zien leuke ervaring!


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