Monday, 26 January 2015

✄DIY✄ Memory + Phrases Jar

Since I don't have a lot of time for my blog right now, I decided to share with you something I made a couple of weeks ago. I made this memory + phrases jar and gave it to my boyfriend to remind him what we have done together and how much I love him. I think self-made presents are the best ones and I love making them and gifting them. If you're interested in how I made this jar, please keep reading!

So this jar contains glitter, lucky paper stars and small rolled pieces of paper with personal messages and memories. First I wasn't sure about the glitter, but I decided to add it anyway, because it does make it look even better.

I allow my boyfriend to take one rolled paper a day and then we read together what it says. If I'm not with him, he still takes a picture of the message and sends it to me, so I can read what it says. It's a nice way to remember what we've done in the past and my boyfriend really enjoys it.

So what did I use to make it?

  • A jar. This one I got at primark, it was full of candy, haha.
  • Coloured paper. I used only the yellow one, since my glitter was yellow.
  • Glitter: small round glitter and big glitter stars.
  • A pen
  • Scissors

I started with putting some glitter in it and then I started writing the small notes, rolling them up and putting them in the jar as well. After putting some notes I added some glitter again. Also, I folded some lucky paper stars and put them in as well. I think it would look nice as well to make all the notes in the shape of lucky paper stars instead of just rolling them up!
So I continued the whole process again and again and again until the jar was full. It took me some hours to make it, because the jar is quite big and many notes are needed to fill it up.

And that's it! I really enjoyed making it. Actually I'm still busy working on it and writing new notes. I'll put some more into my boyfriend's jar soon again, so it will never run out of notes and nice memories.

Have you ever made a memory jar?



  1. Dit lijkt me zo leuk om te doen! Moet het zelf echt eens gaan maken.

  2. Ik heb geprobeerd om het in 2014 te doen, maar aan het eind van het jaar zaten er maar een stuk of 10 briefjes in, haha. Heel leuk gedaan (en lief)! Liefs, Evelijn


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