Monday, 19 January 2015

It's wedding time! Outfit for a bridesmaid

Few weeks ago Weddington Way, an online boutique that sells bridesmaid dresses and so much more, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to create a look for their January Style Challenge. Since I love surfing the internet, looking at beautiful clothes and drooling  I just couldn't say no. I chose one of the four dresses they e-mailed me and created an outfit that would match the beautiful dress. If you're interested in what I made, don't hesitate and continue reading!
So as I said Weddington Way sells bridesmaid dresses, but also a lot more: they also sell dresses for brides, women accessories, shapewear and groomsmen accessories and they even rent some of their dresses. There are many different dresses in different lengths and colours and they're all extremely beautiful. 

For my outfit I chose the dress called Weddington Way Madeline in colour Blush Champagne. It's a very light pink dress with a scoop-neck halter and A-line skirt. I think the dress is adorable.
For the outfit I decided to use some more colours, not just light pink. I decided to use white and golden too.

The main item in the outfit is of course the dress. I decided to add a short white cardigan too, to add some more shape to the outfit. I paired the dress with cute light pink heels. I wouldn't recommend wearing extremely high heels to the wedding, even though I'd probably do it anyway, haha!
To add some more colour I decided to go for golden jewelry: cute golden rose earrings and a golden bracelet.
And to make the outfit look complete and to make all the colours look better together, I decided to add a golden clutch with among other colours light pink and white. Et voilà - the outfit is complete!

For the hair I'd either curl my hair and leave it loose or do a nice updo with some braids. I love the updo Michelle Phan has in this picture, and could definitely see myself as a bridesmaid with this hair updo and a quite natural make-up look:

So a short conclusion:
  • Don't go for monochrome - add more colours to make your outfit more interesting.
  • Hair: if the bride has an updo, choose for loose hair and vice versa. After all bride is the center of attention.
  • Make-up: choose for a natural look.

And that's it! Those are my tips for any bridesmaid-to-be. If you still need a dress, check the Weddington Way's current dress collection.

Have you been a bridesmaid? Are you going to be one? What are your tips & tricks? Share your tips, tricks or opinions in the comments! Also if you like my blog - don't forget to follow it on bloglovin'!


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